LaMont Wheat

Community Advisor

LaMont Wheat is an international recording artist, writer, speaker, creator, humanitarian and President of LaMont Music and Founder & VP of ELAI Agency, a collaborative creative social media marketing, branding and PR concept. LaMont Wheat is co-founder of East Texas Entrepreneurs Group and is committed to being in service through the sharing of knowledge and self awareness. He is also Founder of East Texas Best, a business concept established to develop and expand consumer and business relationships in East Texas with launched RESTORE PROJECT, a national project which works with residents and city leaders to restore neglected neighborhood communities within cities across America.

He began entrepreneurship at age 14 when he created and developed award winning LaMont’s Landscape Design. He played a major role in building the nation’s first and most successful preferred services provider network during corporate tenure at CompUSA in Dallas TX and his work experiences includes information technology consultative solutions marketing and sales, business development, healthcare & fitness management, media production, on camera hosting, entertainment performing and life awareness coaching. He is a two time POSI nominate songwriter and currently writes as part of ROBA Music Publishing in Hamburg Germany.