Michael Annetta

Consulting Advisor, Special Projects

Michael Annetta is a transmedia artist and designer. He has worked as an actor, singer, director, producer, graphic artist and art director across multiple media. Michael received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Film & Communications from  Read More

Jim Anzide

Consulting Advisor, Tours & Operations

Jim Anzide is an East Coast Transplant (although he’s been in LA for over 20 years) and never forgets his roots.  He was born and raised in a Southern New Jersey suburb of Philadelphia called Turnersville – zip code EIEIO.  He went  Read More

John Boswell

Consulting Advisor, Special Projects

John Boswell is a producer and social entrepreneur spearheading programs for the LGBT community in the US and abroad.  He brings a passion for community engagement, strategic development, media production, educational programming, cultural  Read More

Daniel Franzese

Consulting Advisor, Special Projects

Daniel Franzese is an actor and singer, who recently starred as ‘Eddie Bear’ on the sophomore season of HBO’s critically acclaimed series Looking. Franzese’s character ‘Eddie’ is the one of the only HIV+ character that has been on  Read More

Marientina Gotsis

Consulting Advisor, Research & Development

Marientina Gotsis is an artist, designer and technologist. She is Assistant Research Professor of Interactive Media at the School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California (USC) and directs the USC Creative Media and Behavioral  Read More

Cary Harrison

Consulting Advisor, Broadcast Media

Cary Harrison delivers intelligent programming with humor and roguish wit, focusing on the political sphere, cultural icons and relevant social topics that impact a global audience. He delivers compelling programming, asking the tough questions  Read More