December 7 in LGBTQ History

1970: Lesbian painter Romaine Brooks, dies in Nice, France at age 96.

1993: In Texas, Williamson County commissioners reverse the previous week’s decision to deny Apple Computer tax breaks for a new facility in the county because of its policy of extending benefits to employees’ same-sex domestic partners. Several of the commissioners, however, continue to express condemnation of “the gay lifestyle.”

1995: The FDA approves saquinavir, the first in a powerful new class of HIV drugs called protease inhibitors. Soon followed by cousins ritonavir and indinavir, the drugs are hailed as the most promising development in AIDS history.

1999: The Orange County, California, school board votes unanimously to reject the formation of a gay-straight alliance at El Modena High School.

2006: The Canadian House of Commons defeats a motion put forward by the Conservative minority government to revisit the issue of same-sex marriage in Canada. After the motion fails, prime minister Stephen Harper tells reporters, “I don’t see reopening this question in the future.”

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