November 23 in LGBTQ History

1973: In New York City, 325 people attend the first conference of the Gay Academic Union. The pioneering Lesbian and Gay Studies group, which was founded the previous March, includes Martin Bauml Duberman, John D’Emilio, Jonathan Ned Katz, and Joan Nestle among its members.

1983: A Federal judge concludes that the First National Bank of Louisville did not practice wrongful discrimination – or violate constitutional guarantees of freedom of religion – when it ordered one of its employees, Samuel Dorr, to either give up his position with gay Catholic group, Dignity, or resign from the bank.

1992: In Australia, Prime Minister Paul Keating revokes the country’s restrictions on gay men and lesbians in the military.

1998: The Supreme Court of the U.S. state of Georgia rules 6 to 1 to invalidate that state’s sodomy law.

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