November 2 in LGBTQ History

1955: In Boise, Idaho, three men are accused of having sex with teenagers, setting off a politically motivated, 15-month investigation of local gay male networks. Some 1,400 people are questioned in the McCarthy Era witch-hunt that results. Dozens are arrested, nine men are imprisoned for as long as 15 years, and an untold number of gay men flee the city.

1977: SAGE-Senior Action in a Gay Environment is founded in NYC with the goal of improving the lives of LGBTQ Seniors.

1993: Voters in Cincinnati, Ohio and Lewiston, Maine repeal bans on discrimination based on homosexual orientation.

2004: Voters in San Mateo County, California approve a measure to prohibit public-sector employment discrimination based on sexual orientation, with 70.5% of votes in favor.

2010: Voters in El Paso, Texas pass an initiative that strips health insurance benefits from the unmarried partners of city employees. Supporters say that their intention was to target gay city employees and their partners.

2011: The United States Internal Revenue Service announces that it intends to issue a formal agreement, known as a “notice of acquiescence,” with the 2010 United States Tax Court decision in O’Donnabhain v. Commissioner, allowing people to deduct the costs for treating gender identity disorder from their federal income taxes.

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