October 21 in LGBTQ History

1979: The NYTimes reports that 18 boxes of recently unsealed correspondence between Eleanor Roosevelt and American journalist Lorena Hickok will be the subject of a forthcoming book by Doris Faber.

1983: Through a spokesperson, the Orthodox Eastern Churches in the United States threaten to withdraw from the National Council of Churches if the predominantly gay and lesbian Metropolitan Community Church is allowed to join. In response, the council decides to table the group’s application for membership.

1985: Harvey Milk’s murderer, Dan White, commits suicide by asphyxiation with a hose running from the exhaust of his wife’s car to the passenger compartment.

2005: In State v. Limon, the Kansas Supreme Court strikes down a clause of the state’s “Romeo and Juliet” law that punished underage sex more severely if it involved homosexual acts.

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