August 14 in LGBTQ History

1961: Police raid the Tay-Bush Inn in San Francisco.  It was the largest gay bar raid in San Francisco history.  103 patrons were sent in seven patrol wagons to city jail and arrested on ‘lewd behavior’ charges.  The arrested included actors, actresses, dancers, a state hospital psychologist, a bank manager, an artist and an Air Force purchasing agent.  An article was published in San Francisco Examiner which gave the names, addresses, occupations and employers of the arrested.

1980: The 75 openly lesbian and gay delegates and alternates at the Democratic National Convention in New York City join to nominate Washington, DC, Gay Activists Alliance president Mel Boozer for vice president of the U.S. Boozer tells the convention that “bigotry is bigotry” and that homophobia “dishonors our way of life just as much” as racism, before withdrawing his nomination in favor of Walter Mondale.

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