August 1 in LGBTQ History

1995: After refusing to allow the Gay and Lesbian Association of Zimbabwe to exhibit at a human rights book fair, President Robert Mugabe opens the fair with an attack on lesbians and gay men, saying they are alien to African traditions and that he doesn’t believe “they have any rights at all.”

1996:    Representative Jim Kolbe of Arizona becomes the fourth congressman — and second Republican — to come out after an e-mail campaign launched by San Francisco activist Michael Petrelis and others protests his support of the Defense of Marriage Act.

2011:    Members of the Suquamish tribe in the U.S. state of Washington vote unanimously to legalize same-sex marriage. The tribal court may issue a marriage license to two unmarried adults regardless of sex as long as at least one of them is a registered tribal member.

2013:    Same-sex marriage becomes legal in Rhode Island, Minnesota and Uruguay.

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