July 19 in LGBTQ History

1848: Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Co-organizer Lucretia Mott invite several hundred women to Seneca Falls, New York, for the first Women’s Rights Convention. About 100 sign a “Declaration of Sentiments” modeled on the U.S. Declaration of Independence. The document marks the beginning of organized feminism in the United States.

1921: The U.S. Senate Naval Affairs Committee issues its “Report on Alleged Immoral Conditions and Practices at the Naval Training Station, Newport, RI,” accusing officers under the command of Franklin D. Roosevelt, former assistant secretary of the U.S. Navy, of ordering enlisted men to engage in 11 immoral practices” in order to entrap “perverts” in the military and obtain evidence against them. The report is also one of the first to document gay male cruising areas, including Riverside Drive in New York City.

1976: Writing in New West magazine, a former Los Angcles vice cop acknowledges that L.A. police officers routinely beat up gay men, and adds that, “The L.A.P. D. has always maniacally prosecuted vice and victimless crimes far beyond what they have to do.”

1993: Colorado’s Supreme Court upholds an injunction issued by a district court in January against Amendment 2 and sends it back to the district court to be scrutinized.

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