July 13 in LGBTQ History

1969: The New York Times notes that filming is under way for the movie version of Matt Crowley’s play The Boys in the Band, which is scheduled for release the following March.

1984: Appearing on a San Francisco talk show, Jerry Falwell offers $5,000 to anyone who can prove he once called the Metropolitan Community Church “vile and Satanic” and its members “brute beasts.” Gay activists immediately produce a video tape of the March 11 “Old Time Gospel Hour”, in which Falwell not only said exactly that, but added that there will “be a celebration in heaven” when the MCC is “annihilated.” When Falwell refuses to pay the $5,000 as promised, the activists take him to court and successfully sue him for the money.

1984: Brothers, the first American television show with an openly gay lead character (brother Cliff, played by Paul Regina), premiers on the Showtime cable network. It runs for five seasons.

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