July 4 in LGBTQ History

1855: Walt Whitman publishes the first edition of his Leaves of Grass.

1965: At Independence Hall in Philadelphia, picketers begin staging the first Reminder Day to call public attention to the lack of civil rights for LGBT people. The gatherings continue annually for five years.

1969: Daughters of Bilitis and Mattachine society members picket Independence Hall in Philadelphia for the fifth and last time.

1970: The General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association becomes the first mainstream religious group in the US to recognize publicly the existence of gay, lesbian, and bisexual clergy and laity among its members and to demand “an end to all discrimination against homosexuals.”

1973: In Seattle, the Lesbian Separatist Group (later the Gorgons) issues The Amazon Analysis, a manifesto and handbook of lesbian separatism. The paper’s nearly 100 mimeographed pages are passed among lesbians across the country.

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