June 7 in LGBTQ History

1954: Alan Turing, considered to be the father of modern computer science, commits suicide by cyanide poisoning, 18 months after being given libido-reducing hormone treatment for a year as a punishment for homosexuality.  He is only 41 years old.

1977: Florida Governor Reubin Askew signs a law prohibiting gay men and lesbians from adopting children.  In Dade County, residents vote two to one in favor of repealing the county’s gay and lesbian municipal rights ordinance.

1978: The Briggs Initiative qualifies for the November ballot in California, where it will be listed as Proposition 6.

1989: Denmark creates registered partnerships for same-sex couples, offering identical rights as marriage within the country.

2006: The Federal Marriage Amendment fails to pass the U.S. Senate. Of the 60 votes required to invoke the cloture motion, 49 senators voted to put the amendment to a vote and 48 voted against.

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