May 24 in LGBTQ History

1610: The Virginia Colony passes the first anti-sodomy law of the American colonial period.

1919: Anders als die Andern (“Different from the Others“), the first pro gay film, premieres in Berlin. Magnus Hirschfeld is a producer and makes a cameo appearance. The movie stars Conrad Veidt.

1953: A Mattachine Foundation circular estimates total membership in the society at over 2,000. There are almost 100 different discussion groups meeting in California from San Diego to the Bay Area.

1976: Armistead Maupin’s serialized story, Tales of the City, premieres in The San Francisco Chronicle.

1988: In the United Kingdom, the Conservative government passes Section 28, a clause that bans the “promotion of homosexuality” by local government.

2007: Jenny Bailey becomes the first transsexual mayor in the United Kingdom.

2011: A judge in Wharton, Texas rules that a transgender woman is still legally male and invalidates her marriage to a biological male.

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