May 12 in LGBTQ History

1975: California repeals its 103-year-old sodomy laws.  A spokesman for the Los Angeles Police Department seeks reinstatement of them, saying, “We’re having trouble enough convincing our men that they should accept women as equals.  Can you imagine what it would do to morale if we gave them a queer as their partner?”

1985: Seven days after President Reagan visits a Nazi war cemetery in Bitburg, West Germany (justifying the visit by equating Nazi war dead with victims of the Holocaust), a gay group in Hamburg unveils a granite memorial at the site of the Neuengamme death camp, in memory of the estimated two-hundred-fifty thousand gay men who were murdered by Nazis in the concentration camps.  It is inscribed “Dedicated to the Homosexual victims of National Socialism, 1985”

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  1. Gov. Jerry Brown Jr. of CA, signed a landmark Bill in May of 1975, not only repealed the archaic sodomy laws of the state, but, legalized all sexual acts between consenting adults in private. The Bill AB489 was originally authored by Assemblyman Willie Brown (D-San Francisco) and many called it The Gay Bill of Rights. One year later Mayor Tom Bradley declared Gay Pride Week in Los Angeles (1976), with a proclamation signed by all members of the City Council.

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