THE LAVENDER EFFECT® and West Hollywood 30+ presents “Young City at War: Stories from West Hollywood during the AIDS Epidemic." During the outbreak of AIDS in the 1980s, diagnosis was a likely death sentence with the average life expectancy nine months. As a result, the turmoil of loss and survival became integral to the identity of a city created to be an oasis for the gay community. Those who survived this catastrophic epidemic hold a fragile cultural memory that must be documented.
We are seeking $10,000 in funding from the West Hollywood business community to match a grant bestowed by the city of West Hollywood to research and produce 6-8 high quality interviews with individuals who played a key role in West Hollywood’s battle against HIV/AIDS from 1984 to the present day. This project will be showcased at West Hollywood’s Public Library in a new video archival collection as part of the West Hollywood 30+ year long celebration in 2015.


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